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4 Tips for Surviving the Heat this Summer

July 15, 2019

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We recently moved from a small town in Upstate New York where summers were mild to the city of Las Vegas, NV where summers are very intense. For those of you who don’t know, Las Vegas, NV is located in the middle of the Mojave Desert. The average temperatures for the month of July and August sore past 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Although there is no humidity here, the heat is still a lot to bear- especially when you have little ones. Hopefully, these tips will help you endure the heat!

Wear Lots of Sunscreen

Babyganics Sunscreen

I know this tip may seem redundant, but I still wanted to mention it. While most of us remember to apply sunscreen on our children before they head out the door, we often forget to reapply that sunscreen throughout the day. Many sunscreens are only waterproof for one to two hours, so if you are in the pool or at the splash pad, then you might have to reapply the sunscreen several times. My go-to sunscreen is the Babyganics SPF 50. It has been tested by both Dermatologists and Pediatricians, so I know it is safe to use. It is also free from additives like phthalates, parabens, and fragrances.

Find a Covered Park or Splash Pad

Covered Park

Because the heat is so intense here, most of the parks you find are covered by a canopy. This has been a lifesaver for us. It’s amazing what a difference a little shade can make. The canopy allows us to play on the playground longer and it keeps the playground equipment cool too. An alternative to a covered park is a splash pad. Splash pads are the perfect way for your little one to get their energy out while staying cool. Most splash pads can only be turned on during certain times of the day, so be sure to check the hours of operation before you get there. Yes, we have made that mistake a time or two.

Spend Time at the Pool

Swimming at the Pool

I hardly know how we would fill our days if we didn’t have access to a pool. My daughter loves to splash around on the steps at the pool of our apartment complex. It’s often a fight to get her to go back inside for lunchtime. Although she doesn’t know how to swim yet, she is getting braver. She wants to jump off the edge of the pool into my arms: sometimes before I’m ready. That’s why I love her Puddle Jumper Lifevest; it gives me peace of mind for those times she is feeling adventurous. It’s US Coastguard approved, so it’s safe to use on boats as well.

Eat Popsicles


I’m not even ashamed to say we eat a popsicle almost every day during the summer. I believe it is the perfect way to cool down after playing outside in the heat. Although we have tried almost every popsicle on the market, I will say that Popsicle Fruit Pops are our top choice. They taste delicious, are made with real fruit and are reasonably priced. We have tried their mango, strawberry, and raspberry flavors!

How about you? What tips do you have for surviving the summer heat? We would love your input on this!

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  • Kristine
    Kristine July 18, 2019 at 11:08 am

    My kids are constantly asking if its a popsicle day. Summer days I almost always respond yes! Such a fun treat to beat the heat 🙂