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5 Simple Ways to Display, Organize and Re-Purpose your Kid’s Artwork

October 18, 2019

Kids love to design and create artwork. They will begin doing this as early as 1yr. old. What starts off as precious little scribbles on paper during those toddler years will grow into a massive influx of art projects, crafts and pictures once preschool begins. The problem with this becomes that all their little masterpieces are so cute and mean so much to you (well maybe not all of them) that it can become very difficult to throw them out. However, the reality of saving every single piece of artwork your kid makes is unrealistic and a case for becoming hoarders buried alive in papers, glue, glitter, stickers, feathers and more.

As the school year goes on more and more pieces of “art” start showing up all around the house. It starts in their backpacks, which get messy enough with the daily stuff. Then the artwork starts piling up on the counter or placed on a shelf or hung on the fridge until one day you realize the massive influx of papers and artistic pieces have taken over every free space in your home. ???? And you start to feel like it all just has to go, purge it and let’s get organized you say. But then you feel guilty because your child worked hard at making this beautiful thing and how could you let them down and just throw it away……it’s ok moms we have all felt this emotional rollercoaster towards the artwork before.

You can still celebrate your kid’s artistic abilities in a healthy way by using these five simply ideas to display, reuse or preserve your child’s art projects around the house. Try these out and let us know in the comments below what other ways you display or re-purpose your kid’s artwork.

  1. Scan or take a picture of the best artwork and then throw out the originals. Create a book, binder or folder throughout the year or years with all the pictures of your child’s best art projects in it. Then give it to them as a graduation gift at the end of each school year or when they are older as fun memorabilia from their childhood.
  2. Wrap presents for others using your kid’s coloring or painted pages. This works really well around the holidays, special events or for birthday presents. Family members love to see artwork from kids (especially grandma and grandpas) and you don’t have to buy any expensive wrapping paper, you can just use up what has already been created. Coloring pages, finger painted pictures, highlighted or colorful scribbles on paper look really cool wrapped up. Plus these gifts really stand out and mean a lot for your children and the recipient of the gifts.
  3. Laminate or Frame the artwork and use it as placemats or home decor in various places among your home. Don’t think your kid’s artwork is that good well you might just be surprised what a unique frame and your kid’s finger painted picture can turn into. After all some of the most expensive pieces of art in hotels and famous people’s homes honestly look like something a toddler created ( such as the horizontal lines of different colored brush strokes or splattered paint pieces out there).
  4. Store art projects in cardboard cylinder mailing tubes. This way it keeps everything in a contained and minimal storage space. You can even do one tube per year of art projects. Then at the end of each school year pull out the tube and take a look back at all the different pieces of artwork your child created throughout the year. Afterward, get rid of the tube together and start it all over again when the new school year starts.
  5. Create a designated art gallery in your home. Places like hallways, up stairwells, garages or your kid’s bedroom are all great places to display their master designs. Frame some of them with funky or unique frames and make it a fun way to decorate your home. Pinup long pieces of wire or string with mini clothes-pins or clips to hold the artwork on and let them choose which pieces get displayed each week, month or year.

So there you have it, five simple ways to display, organize or re-purpose your child’s artwork. Hope this helps and gets you and your family enjoying all those beautiful one of a kind creations! Keep being a great parent and working hard to love your little ones. You can do it, one day at a time!

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