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6 Favorite Board Books for Boys

October 8, 2019

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Mason and Llama Llama Book

We were given a large collection of books from my sister when her kids outgrew them. It seems though that I read the same ones over and over. There are 6 that my boys continually come back to, especially as toddlers.

You know the books that make you cringe inwardly when your child picks them, or you just openly say, “No. Pick a different one,” these aren’t “those” books. I enjoy these books! They are short (you don’t feel like you are committed to the never-ending story), easy to read, and my children love them!

Top 6 Toddler Boy Books

The Goodnight Train
My Truck Is Stuck!
  • My Truck is Stuck!: I have read this one so many times I have it memorized. The boys love it and so did Lillia! We always work on counting the vehicles that show up to help the stuck truck. This book has had so much love even though it is a board book it is wearing out. We will have to replace it soon.
Little Blue Truck
The Going to Bed Book
Chugga Chugga Choo-Choo by [Lewis, Kevin]
  • Chugga Chugga Choo-Choo: Honestly, this is my least favorite out of these books. I don’t love reading it, but my boys love it and ask for it on most days. Mason especially loves trains. It’s a quick read and they have fun so I can get through it.
  • Llama Llama Red Pajama: This is such a fun one! All of my children have loved this book. It has a great lesson of how not to act when going to bed, with an awesome reminder that “mama is always near, even if she’s not right here.”
  • Aunt Nicole even got Mason a cute Llama Llama Red Pajama mini stuffed animal to sleep with. You can find it here! You are able to buy the book and stuffed animal as a combo, but currently, it is more expensive to buy it that way.
  • Llama Llama has recently been turned into a Netflix series. I personally haven’t tried it, but SurvivingMom Nicole said it was cute.
  • If you have an Audible account this is free to listen to!

A Couple of Survival Tips for books:

  • I always buy my toddler books in a board book if possible. My boys are rough on everything books included. Board books hold up much better!
  • If you have books that you don’t really read, donate them. I have kept books around the house that we don’t read and I have good intentions to read them, but it doesn’t happen. The kids throw them out of the basket while they dig for the one they want to read. I pick up these same books multiple times a day. What’s the point? Get rid of some clutter and let someone else get some good use out of them.
  • Take time to read to your kids every day! Being read to is so good for them.

What are your favorite toddler books? Let us know in the comments.

Make it a great day!

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