Song of the Week

A Christmas to Believe In by Matthew West

December 6, 2019

I could not stop listening to this song over the past week. I have always enjoyed Matthew West’s lyrics and I really respect him as an artist. In this song, he mentions the simple things that make Christmas special like the smell of cookies in the oven or kissing your loved one underneath the mistletoe. It’s a great reminder to slow down this Christmas season. Christmas doesn’t have to be about rushing around to every holiday event or finding the most luxurious presents. It’s very possible to find joy in the little things that come with the Christmas season.

This song also mentions something else about Christmas that tends to be overlooked: the true meaning of Christmas. It talks about a Grandpa reading the Christmas story out of his Bible to his family. He calls it the “Greatest gift of love being born for me and you.” He is referring to the birth of Jesus! Jesus, God’s only son, came to this earth as a baby. He came so that he would one day be able to die on the cross for our sins. So, I encourage you, as you enjoy this Christmas season, take time to remember and reflect on the first Christmas.

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Your Surviving Moms

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