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Best Hallmark Christmas Movies

November 4, 2019

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the Hallmark Movie Channel, especially around the holidays! I mean I pretty much wait all year for there Countdown to Christmas movie list. I literally get so excited when the new premiers list gets put out that I immediately download the Hallmark Movie Christmas Movie Checklist app and add the movies to my calendar so I don’t miss them. In case you want the list for this year click below and download their full movie lineup. This sounds so dorky, I know but these movies really get me in the holiday spirit and I think they are so fun to watch this time of year. Especially since I am a mom of boys and this is the one chance each year I get to watch romantic holiday comedies and get my sappy love movie fix in ha!

This year Hallmark really went all out for their 10th Anniversary and they have 24 NEW movie premiers for the Holidays! I really like all the love stories, enjoy the cheesy Christmas miracles and find it amusing how many famous actors and actresses have actually stared in these movies in recent years such as Lacey Chabert, Kellie Pickler, Candace Cameron Bure, Sam Page, Chad Michael Murray, Jesse Metcalfe and many more. I mean Hallmark movies have really made a name for themselves and you can’t just be a no-name actor or actress to star in one ha!

I want to give you my top 10 list of Hallmark Christmas Movies to watch. Now I know it is easy to say that ALL of the movies are great but some of them are pretty cheesy and honestly not worth watching depending on your expectations and time for romantic holiday movies. So here is my top 10 list of Hallmark Christmas Movies and a quick summary of the plot.

You can click on any of the titles and it will take you to Amazon to purchase the movie if you love it so much you want to own it! Hallmark even has 3 or 4 pack movie collections so you can get some of these as a package deal!

Top 10 Hallmark Christmas Movies

1. A Bride for Christmas

This movie reminds me of the late 90s movie Runaway Bride starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere meets She’s All That starring Freddie Prince and Rachel Lee Cook. It is cute, funny, inspiring and honestly touches on some of the things women struggle with during relationships. I thought it felt like I was watching a scene right out of someone’s life and it was captivating how the character development and change of heart within the storyline makes it an overall really fun movie worth watching.

2. A Dream of Christmas

This movie is the big “what if” question we all think about in life. What if I made this choice? or married this guy? or took this job? I watch this movie every year and it never gets old. It is SO well done and really hits home with the idea that money doesn’t buy happiness and we need to appreciate the people in our lives no matter what our situation or struggles have been with each other. It is a little cheesy with how her life changes and the Christmas “angel” that helps her but definitely worth watching.

3. A Very Merry Mix Up

I Love, love, love this movie I think it is so funny and like the quintessential Christmas movie to get you in the holiday mood. This amazing woman gets engaged but finds herself in a crazy mix up during a meet up with her new in-laws. In the midst of all this she discovers what Christmas and true love is really all about. Plus it has some really good ideas for holiday games and cookies in the movie!

4. A December Bride

This was an unexpected really good movie about an interior designer who finds herself using her unique skills to decorate a new male client’s home while uncovering her own love story after an ex-boyfriends wedding gets her tangled up in an engagement of her own for Christmas. The acting is a little cheesy but the butterflies and real-life awkward situations make it a really great movie to watch anytime!

5. Crown for Christmas

In this priceless movie, a maid becomes a governess to a royal family with a wild child. She uses her unique skills to win the hearts of everyone around her and the family she is working for while developing a romantic love story of her own that takes a twist, in the end, you don’t expect. Definitely worth adding to the list.

6. Let it Snow

What I most loved about this movie is the classic Christmas traditions that come out during this entire movie. A high powered executive, Candace Cameron Bure, has to travel to a snow lodge in Maine and assess the property for big renovations. While she is there her city life and lack of Christmas spirit get turned upside down as she uncovers the real meaning of Christmas for people.

7. The Mistletoe Promise

A high powered businesswoman and man have to team up to get through the holidays as singles. They make a special agreement that soon turns into something much more than just a contract for holiday events. This movie is for the buisness romantic in all of us.

8. The Nine Lives of Christmas

If you are an animal lover, especially cats, this movie is for you. But even if you don’t love or have pets you will still enjoy this movie. It is a totally cute and super cheesy love story between a super hunky fireman and a simple vet student who meet and get connected because of a stray cat. The commitment issues and character development to discover the real meaning of love makes this movie a true romantic comedy.

9. Christmas at Pemberley Manor

This movie is all about perceptions and how often we misinterpret who people are and what they are all about. A big-time NYC assistant event planner makes her way to a cute little town to organize their biggest holiday festival but finds her attitude and mindset might have gotten mixed up in the wrong ideas related to the important people and Christmas spirit of the town.

10. A Holiday Engagement

When a girl gets dumped right before the holidays she has to find a replacement boyfriend fast and gets an actor to help her out. This movie is the classic cover-up single people sometimes get mixed up in when they try to lie about their love life. This movie is funny, witty and well done. It has a lot of cute parts and good acting by Bonnie Somerville and Jordan Bridges.

I hope you enjoy the hallmark channel as much as I do and can appreciate their cheesy holiday romantic comedies as much as the next person. The best part about all these movies is they always end with everyone happy, in love with the right person and making you feel in the holiday mood!

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season with your friends and family and enjoy these great romantic Christmas movies. Leave me a comment below and let me know your favorite Hallmark Christmas Movie!

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