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Survival Tips

This section is where you’ll find all of our survival tips! Each week we post a new tip that is designed to help you tackle the common obstacles faced by moms every day. We hope they leave you encouraged and help you get through the week! If you have any survival tips for us, you are more than welcome to leave them in the comments below.

Family Life Survival Tips

New Year’s Survival Tip

December 30, 2019

Do your kids want to bring in the New Year with you, but you don’t want to be punished for the next week because they are exhausted? Have a New Year’s party for your kids with an early countdown at 7 or 8 o’clock. Then, get them to bed before it’s too late and bring in the New Year alone with your husband or have friends over! Until, next time, Your Surviving Moms ❤️…

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Family Life Survival Tips

White Elephant Survival Tip

December 23, 2019

Instead of buying everyone in Your extended family Christmas gifts, have each family member bring something random from their house they don’t want or have never used. Then, do a white elephant gift exchange together with all the gifts. You never know what treasure you might come home with. Our family has done this for several years and it is so much fun! Every year we laughed so hard while we exchanged these gifts. It was also a relief not…

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Family Life Survival Tips

Perfectly Wrapped Survival Tip

December 16, 2019

Save boxes that you would normally throw away or recycle to wrap presents for a perfect shape every time. Wrapping presents that are odd shapes or soft can be challenging. Grandma helped me wrap presents last year and they all looked beautiful! “How?” you ask. As my children opened their gifts there were a variety of food boxes laying on the floor. She used graham cracker boxes, cereal boxes, and cracker boxes to make each present look beautifully wrapped. Happy…

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Parenting Advice Sleep Survival Tips

Christmas Pacifier Survival Tip

December 9, 2019

Time to get rid of the pacifiers? Try this pacifier hack! This Christmas put all of your child’s pacifiers into the Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve. Tell him Santa is going to take them all and leave a nice present for a big kid instead! Talk about it every day to get the child excited and used to the idea by Christmas Eve. I have always been scared when the time comes to take the pacifiers, but it has never…

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Family Life Kids Parenting Advice Survival Tips

Christmas Tree Survival Tip

December 2, 2019

If your toddler is like mine then your Christmas tree is put to the test. That tree will be lucky to still be standing by the time Christmas rolls around, and those special ornaments are staying right in the box so they don’t end up smashed. So far this year my kids have attempted to climb the tree, crawl behind the tree, and have declared the tree Spiderman’s arch enemy. My poor tree… This year, rather than battle with your…

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Activities Survival Tips

Best Black Friday Survival Tips

November 25, 2019

Black Friday will be upon us at the end of this week and this year, we have less time to buy gifts. Yep, that is right, it’s crazy but there are only 26 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! So if you have not started your holiday shopping you might want to consider some of the great deals going on for Black Friday. So here are our best tips for the big Black Friday shopping day: if you are brave enough…

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Family Life Survival Tips

Thanksgiving Survival Tip: Involve the Kids

November 18, 2019

Kids often get extremely restless when it comes to waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready. (Let’s be honest they get impatient waiting for any meal really). Instead of trying to keep them entertained with various activities, movies, games, ipads or other things involve them in the process. Have them mash the potatoes, decorate the pies, set the table, decorate place settings or whatever else you see fit. Kids can be a great help during the holidays when given a…

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Family Life Food Survival Tips

Thanksgiving Survival Tip: Turkey Dinner????

November 11, 2019

Give back this time of year by donating a thanksgiving dinner to a local family in need. The big “Turkey Drop”  Find community groups, churches or organizations in your neighborhood that might be organizing these events and sign up to donate, deliver or help. Show your kids how to give back to others and be thankful for all the things they have by encouraging them to help make the food for the meal or go with you to deliver or…

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Food Survival Tips

Survival Tip: Grocery Pick Up

November 4, 2019

For the last year, I have been using Walmart pick up for my groceries. I love it! So many grocery stores are doing grocery pick up now. Plus, a huge bonus they are offering because this is such a “new” thing are the discount codes worth $10-$50 off grocery pick up for the first 1-4 times you use them depending on the stores in your area. I feel totally spoiled to pull up and have my groceries placed in my…

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Parenting Advice Survival Tips

Survival Tip of the Week: Halloween Candy

October 28, 2019

Are you planning to take your kids trick or treating this year? With Halloween coming in just a couple of days, it’s time to get prepared! Check with your local police stations, fire departments, and churches. One of these locations is bound to offer a candy checking service. Most of the time, they will check your children’s Halloween candy for free. It usually only takes a couple of minutes and it can provide you peace of mind knowing the candy…

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