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Craft Time: Thankful Turkeys

November 18, 2019

Thanksgiving is a great time to teach children what it means to be thankful. Here is a simple craft that will give you an opportunity to start talking with your kids about what they are thankful for. Their answers just might surprise you!

This activity could also be used as a way to make science fun! Before you start your art project, show your child a picture or video of a real life turkey! Point out the different parts of the turkey that you will be adding to your project like the eyes, beak, snood, feathers, etc.

What You’ll Need

✓ Toilet Paper Roll

Hot Glue Gun w/ Refills

Googly Eyes

Colorful Construction Paper


Glue Stick


Step 1: Glue Your Googly Eyes on the Top of Your Toilet Paper Roll

For this step, I recommend using your hot glue gun to ensure those heavy googly eyes don’t fall off. You can use big eyes, small eyes, colored eyes, or any kind of googly eyes your child prefers. Since a hot glue gun can burn small fingers, parents should do this step. Children are welcome to watch though!

Step 2: Cut Out an Orange Triangle and Glue It Underneath Your Eyes

If your child is old enough to use scissors on their own, then they can easily do this step! I usually just cut the corner of an orange piece of construction paper. Once cut, your child can glue the upside down triangle on the turkey just beneath their eyes. Make sure to point out to them that this is the turkey’s beak!

Step 3: Cut out and Glue on the Turkey’s Snood

Snood is a fun word that you just don’t hear every day; I’m sure your little one will be intrigued by it. After you show your child a picture of a turkey’s snood, let them cut out one to glue beside the turkey’s beak.

Step 4: Cut Out Different Color Feathers

I used a very basic oval feather shape for my turkey, but you can use whatever shape you prefer! I had my daughter pick out what colors she wanted to use and what order she wanted to put them in. This could be a great wait to reinforce teaching your child their colors if they don’t already know them.

Step 5: Ask Your Child What They Are Thankful For and Write it on the Feathers

I then asked my daughter what she was thankful for. Since she is only two and a half years old, I didn’t really expect to get an answer. Much to my surprise, her first answer was Jesus and her second answer was God! After a little more prompting from me, she also came up with pizza all on her own. I had to recommend that she add mommy and daddy to her list as well! I wrote all of these answers down on different colored feathers.

Step 6: Glue on the Feathers

Have your child help you glue those feathers on the turkey so that you can clearly see what they are thankful for!

Step 7: Flip the Turkey over and Glue a Rectangle on it to Hold Everything in Place

I cut out a yellow rectangle and wrote my daughter’s name and the year on it! I flipped the turkey over and glued it to the very bottom of the feathers, as this helps hold everything together.

Step 8: Display Your Turkey

My daughter is very proud of her crafts! While this craft is not ideal for placing on the fridge, we did find a place for it in her room. =]

I hope you enjoy doing this craft with your children! For more ideas on teaching your child gratitude, please check out this article. Or if you are looking for more fun activities to do with your child, print off our free thanksgiving word search!

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