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Encouraged Mama Part 1: From Discouraged to Encouraged

January 21, 2020

Hi mom! Thanks so much for joining me and taking a look at this series Encouraged Mama. I really want to help all you moms out there feel encouraged in your daily life so that you are not just doing life alone with your kids but that you are thriving every day, especially in your faith. In this series, I will be going over a variety of daily life mom topics and then giving you my practical and simple ways to get organized in the most stressful areas of mom life.

The Top 5 things moms say they most commonly struggle with that leads them to feel discouraged and disorganized in their lives.

  1. I am not doing enough or being enough for my family
  2. I just can’t balance it all, work, meal planning, laundry, cooking, travel plans, holidays, cleaning, kids activities, sports, academics, etc.” 
  3. I struggle with what I want to do versus what I can actually do” 
  4. I struggle to be fun and have a good time with my kids
  5. ” I just don’t know how to be a mom”

What is Discouragement?

  1. To deprive of courage or confidence
  2. Disheartened
  3. The prolonged inability to move forward after a circumstance has occurred

When you are consistently discouraged you feel like you just don’t want to deal with it, prefer to avoid it and you will go looking for comfort, calmness, and normalcy anywhere you can find it. This will look different for every mom, but if we are not chasing the solution we are adding to the problem.

Causes of Discouragement

  1. A Deep Hurt
  2. Destroyed Dreams
  3. Prolonged Difficulty
  4. Sudden Overwhelming News

Most often, we will get discouraged with ourselves, others, God and our circumstances.

Discouragement is the inability to move forward after someone or something has changed our circumstances. We then let fear, frustration, lies, physical exhaustion and disappointment over things not going our way cripple us as moms and this puts us in a disheartened place mentally, physically and spiritually. This leads us to feel discouraged all the time.

How to Help A Discouraged Heart and Mind

Discouragement is a part of life, but it doesn’t mean we have to stay in that state of mind after difficult circumstances. I want to share some resources, tools, and reminders to help us overcome those trials on a day to day basis. So listed below are 10 helpful tips for what to do and where to turn to when you feel discouraged.

  1. Go to God First
  2. Look Inside for Pride
  3. Get Into Scripture
  4. Pray
  5. Look forward in Faith
  6. Accept Gods Love and Grace
  7. Listen to Encouraging Music
  8. Display God’s Words in Visible Places
  9. Get into Community with Others
  10. Rest

Resources to Help With Discouragement

I know for myself personally, I need to be surrounded by constant reminders of the real truth from God’s Word. I have included some of my favorite ways to remind myself of these truths through printables, books, songs, and Bible verses! I sincerely hope you guys can find joy and encouragement from these resources, but most of all that you will find true contentment in Jesus Christ alone.

Books to Encourage You

The Pursuit of Holiness       The Gospel Centered Mom             Desiring God

Songs to Encourage You

Thank you so much for checking out this series, I hope you will join me next month when I share some great tips on how to get organized with meal planning!

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Have a great rest of your week and please let me know if there is anything I can be praying for you about in the comments below! ????????????????????????

See you next month! ☺❤

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