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Craft Time: Leaf Rubbing

September 17, 2019

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This is a simple, yet fun fall activity you can enjoy with children of all ages!

What You’ll Need

✓ Leaves

✓ White computer paper


Step 1: Collect Leaves

Before my daughter and I started our leaf rubbing craft, we headed outdoors to collect some leaves. To make this activity last even longer, you could drive to a state park or a nearby trail to enjoy a walk/ hike while you search. We found some of our leaves at a local park and the other leaves on our church property. We collected leaves in the morning, but we didn’t actually start the leaf rubbing until after her nap. Telling her we had a fun activity planned for the afternoon motivated her to take a long nap and fall asleep quickly! (WOOT!)

When collecting leaves, try to gather a wide assortment of them. Depending on the age of your children, you can have them look for specific kinds of leaves: maple, oak, willow, etc. The more kinds of leaves you find, the more fun the leaf rubbing activity will be. This will also teach your children how to identify the different kinds of leaves around them and notice the differences between them.

Step 2: Get Your Leaves and Crayons Ready

Before you start this activity, you will want to make sure the leaves you use are dry and flat. Go over your leaves with a towel to absorb any excess moisture that may be left on them. This is especially necessary if it rained the night before or if you live in an area that’s particularly moist.

Once your leaves are prepped, have your children pick out a few different crayons they want to use for this activity. We decided to use fall colors like orange, red, brown, and yellow. Any colors will work though; allow your child to be creative here! Once the crayons have been selected, you will need to take the wrappers off. Have your children try this part; it will help enhance their fine motor skills.

Step 3: Place a Piece of Paper Over Your Leaves and Start Rubbing

Take your leaves and spread them out on a flat surface. We spread our leaves out on her Little Tikes Table. At this point, you will want to flip the leaves over so that their veins are sticking out on top. Then, you will need to take a piece of paper and put it directly over the leaves. We have tried different types of paper in the past and have found white computer paper to work the best. Wax paper is a close second though.

Now you are ready for the fun part! Have your children take your crayons and start rolling them over the leaves. As they rub the crayons back and forth, the veins from the leaves will start to make an impression on the paper. It’s so exciting to see the leaves come to life through this activity. Your children will have so much fun with this!

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