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Free Potty Training Chart + Tips

January 15, 2020

I am currently in the middle of potty training my two and a half year old daughter. While we have made some substantial strides, we are not accident free yet. Here are my top 5 potty training tips I have learned form my experience so far!

1. Use a Potty Training Chart (We Provide One for You Below!)

A potty training chart helps keep kids motivated and it allows them to see their progress. Take them to the dollar tree and let them to pick out what stickers they want to use for their chart. It will help them get excited about this new endeavor!

2. Set a Timer and Be Consistent

The first day we set a timer to go off every twenty minutes. While it was excruciating at first, my daughter and I both eventually thought of it as routine. She learned that we would go right back to playing after she sat on the potty. Day two of potty training, we only sat on the potty every thirty minutes. I plan to gradually increase how often I take her to the potty to encourage her to tell me she has to go on her own.

3. Celebrate

Celebrate every milestone when it comes to potty training! Make a big deal over the first time they wake up dry after a nap, the first time they tell you they have to go top the bathroom and actually go, the first time they wash their hands all by themselves. Every milestone matters in potty training and every bit of encouragement helps both you and your child!

4. Buy a Portable Potty Seat

To motivate my daughter to use the bathroom when we are out in public, I bought her this portable potty seat. It makes sitting on the potty more comfortable for her and more sanitary too. This seat folds up neatly into it’s little carrying case and can be stored discreetly in a diaper bag. I never leave the house without it!

5. Know When to Take a Break

We first tried to start potty training my daughter just after her second birthday, but she was just not ready. She was having 10+ accidents a day and both her and I were getting discouraged. We decided to wait until she was a little older and her bladder was more developed, so here we are six months later finding a lot more success!

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