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Halloween Party Made Simple

October 2, 2019

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to throw a party for! ???? I always feel like I have a million fun ideas that come to mind. Plus, I love to create crazy, spooky, tasty party treats and do really cool decorations for these events. ???? For the past few years, I have thrown fun Halloween parties for my family and friends. Most of these parties were on a budget and I had to get creative with my ideas while being cost-effective but come up with something spectacular. I didn’t want to go overboard with crazy decorations that can cost an arm and a leg at the store so I did a little research, scoured through Pinterest and Googled some ideas to create a few of my own fun themed Halloween parties.

Whether you are planning to throw together a big Halloween party or you just want to put up some fun decorations for your family check out these recommendations. Below I have included a few of the pictures I used for different years and the parties we did.

Party Planning Tips

  1. As a rule of thumb, I usually start by picking a theme. For example spiders, monsters, ants, pumpkins, ghosts, mummies, etc. just to name a few. Once you pick a theme everything else will flow from that really easily. Your decorations and food will all be centered around your theme.
  2. Decorations are big, I always think it’s so fun to have people be shocked and amazed at all the fun things that can come from decorations. Transforming your house and using the space you have to tie in with your theme is the best way to go forward with decorating. Use windows for featured areas, utilize colored streamers in entrances or doorways, cover doors with fun colored tablecloths and tape pictures or little plastic decals on them, ect. Look at the architecture in your house and use corners, low or high spaces to put things in. I have even used my chandelier in my front entrance as a spider nest covering it with that stringy white stuff, cotton balls and put plastic spiders all over it- it was freaky and so fun for the kids. Use what you have and don’t feel like you have to re-create a space. You can make any area of your house a decoration station.
  3. Food is next and that is really important since pretty much kids and adults will be snacking all through the night. So I usually make a lot of appetizers and desserts and have just one item for the main course such as meatball subs, sloppy joes, ham and cheese sliders ect. This way people can snack and eat all night long as they come and go. Plus the kids will want to refuel as the night goes on before or after trick o’ treating.
  4. Have games or activities for people to do such as touch n feel stations, coloring activities, bobbing for apples, put on a cute Halloween movie, offer a pumpkin carving station or Halloween corn hole for people to participate in. What makes a party fun and memorable is the experiences that go on at them, so be creative and have fun with whatever you think your guests will like and of course thinking about age-appropriate activities!
  5. Finally ALWAYS have a backup plan because you never know about the weather, how little ones will be feeling or what kind of unexpected things can happen on the event night and you need to have something in place to do with people or they will just leave the party.

The most important thing about having a party is to remember to have fun doing all this if you are stressing out and trying to make everything perfect than it’s probably not worth doing. Do what you can with what you have, be creative and enjoy putting together a party for the people you love!

I hope you all have a great Halloween and please share with me some of your best Halloween/Fall party ideas, tips, recipes, decorations or pictures in the comments below! I can’t wait to see what you have done!

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