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Kid’s Praise Music: Freebie Friday Playlist

February 14, 2020
Kid's praise music for freebie friday

Happy Valentine’s Day and Freebie Friday! We love giving you guys free things! Today we have two freebies for you: a kid’s praise music playlist and a Valentine’s Day I Spy game!

We love music, dance parties, and lots of loud singing in my family. Honestly, our dance parties can get a little out of control… With five kids I guess that is expected, right?! I love finding music that is safe for us to jam to and can help focus my kids on Christ. I created a kid’s praise music playlist on Spotify and I wanted to share it with you guys because I found so many awesome songs!

Kid’s Praise Music

This playlist has 53 songs, plenty of different songs for a long drive without having to relisten to the same song too many times. Unless your kids are like mine and they get fixed on one song and like to repeat it over and over. They may have come by this trait naturally. I believe I did drive my mother crazy with my repeat songs growing up.

This playlist has some big artists in it: Bethel Music, Elevation Church Kids, Hillsong Kids Jr., Saddleback Kids Worship, Maranatha Kids, and more!

Click on the top right corner of the Spotify playlist to log in and add this playlist to your account! Follow our SurvivingMoms Spotify so you don’t miss any free playlists.

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Music can be such an encouragement and it has the ability to set our mood for the day. We have a few other playlists we have created at so be sure to check them out! Our heart’s desire is to encourage moms and their kids and point you to Christ.

Valentine’s Day I Spy game

Here is a printable I Spy game for Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is click on the image, download, and print it off. Then, let your kids hunt for the hidden Valentine’s Day goodies. I hope you enjoy it!

Valentine's Day I spy game

I hope you have a wonderful Friday. Make sure to enjoy your kids and family this weekend! It’s so easy to get too busy to notice the blessings and the joy surrounding you, but take a moment to soak that up this weekend, because mama you are blessed!

What are your favorite kid’s praise music? We would love to hear from you by leaving a comment below. ❤️

Featured image by Alireza Attari on Unsplash

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