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9 Letter Recognition Activities for Kids

February 7, 2020
letter recognition activities for kids

Whether you are just starting to work on letters with your child or you are looking for some extra practice with letter recognition here are some great activities. These are simple and fun ways to help your child nail down his letters.

Also, scroll down for three free printables! Letter A, letter B, and letter C worksheets for letter recognition practice.

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Letter recognition activities

Make letters out of people

A way sure to make them giggle and have fun learning their letters is to have them try and make the shape of the letter with their bodies.

Draw letters

Get some sensory play and letter recognition practice done at the same time. Practice writing letters in sugar, sand, flour, or salt. It’s a little messy but fun!

Letter hunt worksheet

Here are three free worksheets for Freebie Friday! Print out these PDF files and let your child go on a letter hunt.

Leap Frog Letter Factory

Letter Factory is a favorite in our family. It is a fun, short video that encourages letter recognition and my kids love watching it. They are happy to watch it over and over and it has helped them learn their letters and the most common sounds of the letters.

Making letters out of toothpicks

Here is a simple idea with no mess! Grab your box of toothpicks and help your child make letters out of toothpicks. This is also a great activity to work on fine motor skills.

letter recognition activities and ideas

Letter and cheerios

Draw the letter you are practicing on a piece of computer paper. Now have your child glue cheerios on top of the letter outline.

letter identification activities

Letter cards with dry-erase makers

These letter cards are so nice and can be used over and over again.

Make letters out of play-doh

I use my dry-erase letter cards for play-doh as well. Pick a letter card and roll the play-doh out. Now shape it into the letter, using the card as an outline. Here are my two favorite play-doh recipes that have lasted over a year.

Letter game

“Swat the letter” is one of our favorite ways to practice letters. Lay letter cards out on the floor. Give your child a fly swatter and tell them a letter that the “fly” landed on. Your child should search for the letter and smack the letter with the fly swatter. When just starting out don’t lay out too many letters.

Here is a video of Matthew playing the game.

Have fun practicing your letters with our favorite letter recognition activities. Keep changing activities to keep your kids interested and engaged!

Make it a great day!

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