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Weekly Meal Planner: Freebie Friday

February 21, 2020

Weekly Meal Planner and Shopping List

It’s five o’clock, the kids are whining that they are hungry, and you are standing at the refrigerator trying to figure what you can make with a can of corn, 2 chicken breasts, and a little bit of ketchup… Sound familiar?

In case you missed Katie’s post giving great tips for meal planning, it was awesome, and you can read that here! Sticking with our meal planning theme this week for Freebie Friday we are giving you another meal planner and a shopping list! Print it out, use Katie’s awesome planning tips to help you get organized for dinners for the week or for the month depending on what works best for you!

meal planner
Weekly Meal Planner
shopping list
Shopping List

Happy meal planning and happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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