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Mom Life During Winter Break

December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas Moms!

We sincerely hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas day celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ together. We also want you to know how loved and appreciated you are for all that you do for your family throughout the year and especially during the holidays. You are important, you are loved, you matter and you are awesome! Merry Christmas Mamas!

Winter break is wrapping up right after the new year hits and these hilarious truths about what moms say over winter break are the perfect fit for those of you moms who are just dying for your kids to get back to school! It’s ok to admit you are ready for them to go back to school ????

So if you happen to need a mom break real quick on Christmas Day- check out this funny video of what moms say during winter break. It is ok to take a 3 minute mom moment for yourself today. Enjoy!

Until Next Time,

Your Surviving Moms ❤

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