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Mom Moment: What Moms REALLY want for Christmas!

December 11, 2019

Being a mom means there is an endless list of sacrifices we make for our family each and every day. We put everyone else’s needs over ourselves and we give and give until bedtime and even then in the middle of the night, we might still be giving to the kid who won’t sleep, needs fed, is sick, or the endless list of other reasons kids are awake at night. When people ask us what we want for Christmas the honest truth is not material things, no we really want the simple pleasures that “other” people enjoy on a regular basis.

So moms please enjoy this video and show it to your husbands, friends, family and everyone you meet so they will actually understand what we really want for Christmas and maybe you will get lucky enough to recieve one of these things ????

Merry Christmas!

Until Next Time,

Your Surviving Moms ❤

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