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My 10 Minute Get Ready Routine

July 1, 2019

So I don’t know about you but with 2 young kids in my house, I don’t have a lot of time to get myself ready. It seems impossible to shower, get dressed into something somewhat cute, that is easy to breastfeed in, put makeup on and attempt to do my hair. However, after having my second child I had to figure out how to quickly get myself pulled together with the limited free time I had in the mornings.

First off, let me start by saying I am not a high fashion person or a super makeup artist. But I do like to make myself look cute and presentable on a daily basis; even if it is only for my husband and kids! I usually shower at night and plan out what I am going to wear for the next day, so that saves me time in the morning.

I have been subscribing to different beauty product samplers for a few years now. I have tried Birchbox, Ipsy and Play! by Sephora. I will say most of my favorite samples came from my Ipsy bags but I really love products that Sephora and Ulta have to offer. Let me know in the comments what your favorite makeup samplers are!

So as you can see above these are the 6 beauty products I use on a daily basis to get ready quickly. Urban Decay makes a great line called NAKED SKIN that I absolutely love! I have acne scarred, dry and crazy bad skin so I can honestly say these foundations give me the perfect blend of moisture, coverage, and protection my skin needs on a daily basis. I have tried a million different foundations, BB creams, powders, tinted moisturizers and more. For whatever reason Urban Decays NAKED line works for me. But you have to find what works for you, not everyone’s skin is the same and not every product covers like you might like it to for your specific look.

To get started I always wash my face and put on a little lotion on before I ever apply makeup. Then, depending on what I am doing for the day I either go with the once and done hybrid complexion protector (basically an amazing tinted moisturizer) or I choose the weightless liquid makeup by Urban Decay . I use my finger to apply the makeup and it takes me less than a minute to get it blended and covering my entire face.

Then I apply a small amount of The Balm Take Home the Bronze- Oliver bronzer, because everyone needs a little color and glow to their skin. What I love about this bronzer is that it is NOT intense on my pale complexion and it does NOT give off an orange look at all. It is more of an olive-colored bronzer and I am so thankful it is made from all-natural sources, goes on easily and looks great!

Next, I move to my eyes, because a little eye makeup for me, can make or break my look for the day! And let’s be honest who doesn’t feel better after they have a little eyeliner and mascara on. So I simply apply my STILA all-day eyeliner on each eye, nothing fancy just one swoop for each eyelid. This eyeliner is stellar and stays on all day, doesn’t run and is a true black color. Then, I add 2 colors for my eye shadow, I use e.l.f. need it nude eye shadow every day. I usually choose a neutral palette with a little sparkle in it. A nice sparkly champagne color for my lower lids and a really soft matte light peach for my upper lids. Then I apply my mascara. If you are ever in search of the most amazing mascara this is it. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. It has a unique name and works better than any mascara I have ever used. And I have tried over 50 different mascaras in my lifetime. It is totally worth the money, plus it lasts for like 6 months!

Next, we move on to the hair-do! I have dark brown hair that is a little bit longer than shoulder length so I usually go with a deep side part, ponytail. I tease my hair on the sides and in the back for a little poof and pull it back. It literally takes me 2 minutes to do and ta-da I am done for the day! But I do sometimes take more time to either straighten or curl my hair when I want to feel really put together.

So if you are struggling to find the perfect products or the best routine to get yourself feeling ready for anything that may come your way- don’t stress find what works for you! This is just my 10 minute quick fix for getting myself ready on a daily basis.

Hope you feel you can survive another day no matter what life may bring!

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