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My Ideal Family Vacation

October 5, 2019

Before our daughter was born, vacations looked a little differently than they do now. My husband and I would try to fit in as many activities as possible into each trip we took. We would go sightseeing, hiking, shopping, and whatever else Travel Advisor recommended. We seemed to have a list of things we wanted to do each day and worked hard to squeeze everything in. By the time the trip was over, we would leave feeling exhausted.

While I would never change a thing about our past vacations, I do thoroughly enjoy our vacations now. Our goal when it comes to going on a vacation is no longer to do as much as possible, but it is actually to leave feeling refreshed and revitalized. We use vacation as a time to unwind, take it slow, and simply spend quality time with each other.

Last week, my daughter and I went to Gordonsville, VA with her grandparents, aunt, uncle, and five of her cousins. Unfortunately, her dad was not able to take the time off of work in order to join us. We missed him dearly and hope he gets to come on the next one.

We stayed in Virginia for about a week. We spent most of our days playing at the park, taking walks, and swimming in the pool. I loved watching my daughter bond with her extended family while getting to spend most of her days playing outdoors (something we had been deprived of for months due to the summer heat of Las Vegas). It truly was my ideal family vacation!

Check out our video to see the highlights from our trip!

What does your ideal family vacation look like? Feel free to share with us in the comments below!

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