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My Preschool Picks 2019-2020

August 19, 2019

Michael starts his first year of preschool this year! We will be doing school very casually.  At this age typically I allow the child to decide what days we do school and what days we don’t.  It normally doesn’t take much encouragement to get my kids interested at this age especially since he will see his older siblings doing school.

Michael’s Preschool Curriculum:

Horizon’s 3-year-old preschool program

Read Alouds (Most of these books are from the 3-4-year-old Sonlight Preschool list. Michael joins in and listens to the older read alouds often and enjoys those as well. This is not an exhaustive list of books we will be reading this year. We have been blessed with a large library of books that were given to us and we are constantly reading. We also will be visiting our local library to get new books. )

  • Make Way for McCloskey
  • The Bee Tree
  • Eloise Wilkin Stories
  • Go Dog Go
  • Horton Hatches the Egg
  • Ian and the Gigantic Leafy Obstacle
  • Mike Mulligan and More
  • Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm
  • The Tall Book of Nursery Tales
  • Harper Collins Treasury of Picture Book Classics
  • The Usborne Flip-Flap Body Book 
  • George and Martha Collections  

Along with these workbooks and read alouds we will be doing as many fine motor activities as I can find (normally I search Pinterest for ideas or text my sister who also has a son around Michael’s age). We also love doing sensory bins and playdough. Check-in throughout the year to see what we have read and the fun activities we have found.

Any moms starting preschool this year with a little one? If so we would love to hear what you are using and how it is going!

You can check out our 1st-grade plan for Lillia here or our Pre-K plan for Matthew here.

Have a great day!

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