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My Top 3 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

January 29, 2020

With Valentine’s Day just a couple weeks away, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my top three Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers. These crafts are super simple and they are great for handing out to friends and family or for a fun Valentine’s Day activity.

Valentine’s Day Cards


The best part about this craft is that you can make it just as unique as your toddler. Take a piece of computer paper and fold it in half or buy blank valentines. Use colored paper, floral paper, paper with dinosaurs on it, white paper, or anything you want. Then, have your toddler pick out their favorite stickers and stamps and let them decorate to their heart’s desire.

This craft kept my daughter busy for about a half an hour. We made seven cards, which we plan to send out to her cousins a little closer to Valentine’s Day. These would make great valentines for toddlers to take into their daycare or Sunday school classrooms as well!

Heart-shaped Crayons


This craft involves one of my toddler’s favorite activities: crayon peeling! Usually I cannot stop her from wanting to peel the wrappers off her crayons, so she was thrilled when I told her she had permission to do so. Once peeled, the crayons will need to be broken down into smaller pieces, so that they will fit nicely in your mold. Don’t forget to grease your mold with cooking spray ahead of time to make sure your crayons don’t get stuck.

Cook your crayons at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-15 minutes, depending on the size of your mold. Once the crayons have melted thoroughly, take them out and let them cool. To speed up the process, if your impatient like me, you can stick them in the freezer. Once back to solid form, you can pop your new heart-shaped crayons out of the mold. Let them cool completely before your toddler starts coloring with them or before you give them out to friends!

Coffee Filter Sun-catchers

We made something similar to this on Valentine’s Day last year, just as a way to have some fun during the holiday. Take white coffee filters and have your child color them until you can hardly see any white spaces. We chose to use pink, red, and purple for this craft. Once the coffee filters are colored, have your toddler spray them with water. They should be completely wet by the end of this process. Let them dry.

After they are dry, take some popsicle sticks (we used red and purple ones) and glue them on to your coffee filters to form the frame. Once the glue is dry, cut around the edges. You can tape these sun-catchers to a window or glass door to see the sun shine through. Your little ones will love these!

What Valentine’s Day crafts does your toddler enjoy doing? Feel free to give us more ideas in the comments below!

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