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Fun Dollar Tree Finds for Your Homeschool Year

September 12, 2019

Does anyone else go into the Dollar Tree and end up overspending because of the mindset that everything is only a dollar?? This is such a problem! I went there right before the school year started to see if there was anything I could use in our school room this year. I was so excited with what I found!

One of the finds I was most excited about was the blow-up globe. I have been looking for a globe, however, every one I found was way more than I wanted to spend. Now, with my 3 boys, there is a really good chance this globe won’t make it through the year, but for a dollar, I’m not going to stress too much about it. We will use it as long as we can, and I need to remember to keep it out of reach when we aren’t using it.

For science this year we are studying the ocean and aquatic animals. I was so pleased to find lots of fish stickers. I also found rolls of blue paper for our ocean wall. We are making a whole wall in our school room an ocean for all our ocean animal crafts for the year.

The dice we found are pretty neat, the white circles are dry erase. We plan to write in different activities for the day and then let the kids roll the dice to see what we do first. They love doing this and they feel like they have some control over their schedules. The handheld dry erase boards we already use almost every day. Lillia loves to do her spelling words on it and then will hold it up for me to see. They were totally worth the dollar.

The pointing finger the kids really like, however, I’m not sure it will get too much use. We can use it on the map hanging on the wall (as I said, it is easy to overbuy because things are only a dollar). We found mini packs of construction paper, which, is perfect for the craft box.

The blue star we call the “fly swatter”. The kids love playing swat the letter with this. They like to pretend a fly has landed on the letter and they have to swat the letter before the fly moves on. Here is a quick video of Matthew playing the game during our letter time.

Have you made any great finds at the Dollar Tree? Do you have a fun game for helping kids learn their letters? We would love to read about it in the comments below? Have a great week!

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