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June 10, 2019

When you become a new mom life is so much different than you think, expect and feel. Most people don’t talk about the hard things that follow after having a baby. But the truth is there is a lot of pain, emotions, and changes that are occurring in your life. As good as all these things are, there is an adjustment period and a time where you lose yourself and find yourself again, redefined in a new role, as a new person, a mom!

Don’t be discouraged or alarmed if you find yourself feeling sad, anxious, overwhelmed or depressed these are perfectly normal emotions that come after having a baby. However, if to goes on for an extended period of time (longer than 6 weeks) postpartum depression may be setting in. This is something many women face and may not even realize they are going through. The most important part is if you feel like you may have the signs or feelings associated with postpartum depression/anxiety – GET HELP. Tell someone, be proactive and recognize when things are off. It is perfectly OK to admit that something is just not right. It certainly does not mean you are weak or less of a mother, wife or person. The March of Dimes has a great article about postpartum that can be found here. If you think you are struggling with it please seek help and don’t feel bad about it, just be real and honest with yourself. This is the best thing you can do for yourself, your family and especially your new little one.

Love your new baby and love yourself. Thank God for the amazing life he has created and that you get to take care of. Remind yourself that this phase in life is only temporary- your kids will grow up, probably faster than you would like or even realize. Embrace each moment that comes with being a mom and let each new phase and growth in your kid’s life be an experience you cherish.

Be patient with yourself and the other people in your family. You may want things to go a certain way and they won’t. You might really want your other kids, family members, friends or significant other to act a certain way or take on a specific role and they don’t. Don’t get upset, angry or depressed try to see the positives and encourage yourself that “you can do this.” If God gives you a circumstance in life he is will be there to guide you through it. Maybe not in the way you want it to be, but he will never leave you and wants you to learn and grow in Him through all of it.

Congratulations on your new baby! May you feel connected, loved, cherished and appreciated for all you will do for this new little life!

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