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Family Life Survival Tips

Perfectly Wrapped Survival Tip

December 16, 2019

Save boxes that you would normally throw away or recycle to wrap presents for a perfect shape every time. Wrapping presents that are odd shapes or soft can be challenging. Grandma helped me wrap presents last year and they all looked beautiful! “How?” you ask. As my children opened their gifts there were a variety of food boxes laying on the floor. She used graham cracker boxes, cereal boxes, and cracker boxes to make each present look beautifully wrapped. Happy…

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How to Make to a Christmas Budget and a Free Printable

November 11, 2019

Survival Tips for Sticking to a Budget This Christmas: Set a specific amount of money you want to spend on Christmas this year before you do any shopping. Write down every person you need to buy a gift. Don’t forget extended family or someone at work you want to grab a gift card for. Determine how much you want to spend on each person keeping in mind the grand total you are able to spend. Write down all your gift…

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