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Library Survival Tip

March 2, 2020

Utilize your local library! We try to go to the library at least once a week. Addie loves picking out new books for us to read; we always leave with at least ten new ones. We read A LOT, so having a wide range of books available helps me keep my sanity. Our local library also has several classes that she can participate in. My favorite is Toddler Time, which consists of her getting to socialize with kids her age…

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Family Life Survival Tips

White Elephant Survival Tip

December 23, 2019

Instead of buying everyone in Your extended family Christmas gifts, have each family member bring something random from their house they don’t want or have never used. Then, do a white elephant gift exchange together with all the gifts. You never know what treasure you might come home with. Our family has done this for several years and it is so much fun! Every year we laughed so hard while we exchanged these gifts. It was also a relief not…

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Christmas Pacifier Survival Tip

December 9, 2019

Time to get rid of the pacifiers? Try this pacifier hack! This Christmas put all of your child’s pacifiers into the Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve. Tell him Santa is going to take them all and leave a nice present for a big kid instead! Talk about it every day to get the child excited and used to the idea by Christmas Eve. I have always been scared when the time comes to take the pacifiers, but it has never…

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Christmas Tree Survival Tip

December 2, 2019

If your toddler is like mine then your Christmas tree is put to the test. That tree will be lucky to still be standing by the time Christmas rolls around, and those special ornaments are staying right in the box so they don’t end up smashed. So far this year my kids have attempted to climb the tree, crawl behind the tree, and have declared the tree Spiderman’s arch enemy. My poor tree… This year, rather than battle with your…

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