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Thanksgiving Survival Tip: Turkey Dinner????

November 11, 2019

Give back this time of year by donating a thanksgiving dinner to a local family in need. The big “Turkey Drop”  Find community groups, churches or organizations in your neighborhood that might be organizing these events and sign up to donate, deliver or help. Show your kids how to give back to others and be thankful for all the things they have by encouraging them to help make the food for the meal or go with you to deliver or…

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Food Survival Tips

Survival Tip: Grocery Pick Up

November 4, 2019

For the last year, I have been using Walmart pick up for my groceries. I love it! So many grocery stores are doing grocery pick up now. Plus, a huge bonus they are offering because this is such a “new” thing are the discount codes worth $10-$50 off grocery pick up for the first 1-4 times you use them depending on the stores in your area. I feel totally spoiled to pull up and have my groceries placed in my…

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Surviving the First Month With a Newborn

August 1, 2019

After having a baby, one of the toughest things is getting through that first month with your newborn. It is a huge adjustment and it takes time to figure out your schedule, the baby’s schedule and your new family life dynamic. Not all children are the same and not everyone will be able to follow these tips. But from us moms who have 8 kids between the three of us, we think we can recommend a few things that will…

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