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Thanksgiving Survival Tip: Involve the Kids

November 18, 2019

Kids often get extremely restless when it comes to waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready. (Let’s be honest they get impatient waiting for any meal really). Instead of trying to keep them entertained with various activities, movies, games, ipads or other things involve them in the process. Have them mash the potatoes, decorate the pies, set the table, decorate place settings or whatever else you see fit.

Kids can be a great help during the holidays when given a specific task and a little direction, even toddlers! They will enjoy helping and will be less likely to ask you the dreaded question, “Is dinner ready yet?

We hope you and your family have a great holiday season! You are a great mom, doing great things for your family!

Until Next Time,

Your Surviving Moms ❤

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