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The Onesie Trick

July 19, 2019

There are so many different tips, tricks and mom hacks on the internet that are really helpful. I want to share with you one of the best tips I didn’t know about until my first kid was basically out of onesies. Maybe some of you already knew this trick from the moment you bought your very first onesie, but I didn’t and let me tell you it revolutionized the diaper blow out clean up for me!

As a new parent, your child’s poop is one of the very first things you begin to obsess over. You examine the color, texture, amount, smell, ect. You might even find yourself googling pictures of baby poop, just to make sure your child’s poop looks like everyone else’s. You will inevitably talk about it with your significant other, pediatrician, friends, family and pretty much anyone who will listen.

When your child has a blowout and the poop starts exploding out the back of their onesies, you will quickly learn it’s not fun to have to clean all that up. You just look at it in disgust and think where do I even begin and how do I minimize the mess so I don’t end up having to give my kid a bath, wash clothes and disinfect everything. Well, here it is the best tip I learned, a little late, to help with the blowout situation!

Trick: Onesies can come down your kid’s shoulders and slide off their back instead of pulling the onesie up over their head.

The Blowout!
Baby 2
Step 1: Locate the folded over onesie shoulder tabs
Step 2: Gently pull the onesie down off one of your child’s shoulder and arms and then do the other side.
Step 3: Gently pull the entire onesie down your child’s back and legs

There you have it! That simple little design element in those onesies makes a huge difference in the clean up of a blowout. Hope you find yourself a little bit wiser and more successful at cleaning up your babies next blow out.

Also for more info on how to clean the onesie after the blow out see Kristine’s article on The Secret to Removing Baby Stains.

Have a great week!

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  • Kristine
    Kristine July 20, 2019 at 12:24 am

    haha Me too! I was on baby #2 before someone told me the onesie trick. I felt a little stupid for all the times I pulled that messy onesie over her head and then had to bathe her.