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Things I’m Loving This Week!

July 10, 2019

I feel so much better when the sun is out! There is something about waking up and feeling the sun on my face that gets my day started on the right note. I smile easier, answer my children more often with patience, and feel more energized and ready to go.

For my family, lots of sunshine means we can bust out our bikes. This week you can find us on our bikes multiple times a day. We love packing up and meeting friends at the bike trail. We also have been so thankful the church across the street allows us to ride around their parking lot!

Lillia and matthew biking at church

Another fun in the sun activity I’m loving this week is our state park. Allegany State Park put in a new playground with a zip line. We brought our bikes and the kids rode to the playgrounds. We also packed plenty of sand toys for hours of sand fun. Fellow Surviving Mom, KT and her little guys were able to meet up, along with Grandma and Grandpa. We packed plenty to grill hot dogs and hamburgers.

State Park fun

Grace recently made the switch from a full swaddle blanket to the swaddle up.  She has been consistently sleeping 10 hours straight at night since the change! She isn’t even three months yet! I was worried that switching her might mess up her sleep pattern.  With the regular swaddle, she slept 8 hours most nights and I was thrilled. The swaddle blanket was fleece and it was just too hot to continue with it. Now she is doing even better! After 4 children in a row who were up every three hours, I did not think it was possible I could sleep all night before she was 9 months old.   

swaddle up, sleep through the night, baby sleeping,

Since I started using NOOM to help me lose the baby weight I have been eating lots of salads and loving them. I made tacos for dinner the other night so taco salad was my go-to for lunch a few times this week. I topped it with red peppers and mixed fresh salsa and ranch for my dressing. Yum!

taco salad, NOOM

Let us know what you are loving this week in the comments below!

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