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Top 3 Dairy and Gluten Free Breakfast

October 29, 2019

My older boy has dairy and gluten intolerances. Ever since he was born different foods have plagued his digestive system and we have struggled to figure out what was going on inside him. Still to this day we battle with some food-related issues. If you have a child like this, you are not alone. So many of us moms are out there trying to figure out how to help our kids feel better. Maybe your kid is having skin issues, behavioral issues or reactions to the foods they are eating and you want to help them without making your kid feel isolated and like the “weird” one with food issues. Let me, first of all, encourage you and say you can do it! This journey was a long hard process for me to figure out, but I want to make it so much easier for you. I am giving you a list of what I have found to be the best gluten and dairy free brands as well as some great breakfast suggestions that my son and I love to eat!

My son was diagnosed with Cow Milk Protein Intolerance (CMPI) at 4 months, after two hospital visits, countless appointments with GI specialists, Nutritionists, Allergists, Immunology doctors and a long battle with dietary changes for me as a breastfeeding mom we finally got things somewhat figured out. Now that he is older and can eat on his own, for the most part, I wanted to share with you guys the top dairy and gluten free breakfasts that we eat on a regular basis.

First let me tell you, not all the gluten or dairy free foods out there taste good. Some are plant based, others grain based and still others are a mixture of things I am not exactly sure of. For most of us, our taste buds are familiar with the traditional salt, sugar and fat flavors found in most foods so when you make the transition to these new products just be aware they will taste different. Luckily there are companies out there that understand these issues and have made some great foods that taste good and are free of all the things we can’t eat! So listed below are my top 10 product brands that I have found are the best choices if you need to be gluten and/or dairy free.

Top 10 Brands That are Gluten and Dairy Free

  1. SO Delicious
  2. Applegate
  3. Daiya
  4. Kinnikinnick
  5. Enjoy Life
  6. Canyon Bakehouse
  7. Miyoko’s 
  8. VANS
  9. Earths Balance
  10. Happy Baby Organics

Hopefully, you and your kids are able to find these brands in your local stores or online shopping. I know how hard it can be to search for foods without things in them (especially things without soy-everything has soy in it ha!). It was challenging for me to eat as a mom who had to go dairy, soy and gluten free all at once. I wish I had a list like this to get me started at the stores. Obviously fresh fruits, vegetables and organic meats are the best route to go, but look for sales, deals and coupons for many of these items and stock up when you can. Cause although it is a little pricier to eat this way you can do it affordably.

Top 3 Breakfast Meals

These are the top 3 breakfast meals I give my son on a regular basis. Plus he also eats gluten free oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon, and a little honey, fruit and veggie smoothies and the most delicious gluten and dairy free banana pancakes that I make from scratch.

Breakfast 1

  1. Vans waffles- either blueberry or ancient grains both are very tasty and offer good nutrition
    1. Earths Balance- dairy and soy free butter on the waffles
    2. Organic maple syrup- the REAL stuff- nothing with high fructose or corn syrup solids in it
  2. Applegate chicken and maple sausages- these are delicious and my husband actually prefers to eat these instead of regular sausages now!
  3. Fresh organic blueberries and raspberries

Breakfast 2

Yogurt and Muffin
  1. SO Delicious yogurt- strawberry banana
  2. Flax 4 Life Muffins- these come in Blueberry, Carrot Rasin or Apple Cinnamon. They are really tasty plus they offer amazing omegas, flax and fiber to keep the digestive system running smooth!

Breakfast 3

Eggs and Toast
  1. Cage Free Organice Brown Eggs- scrambled cause that is my son’s favorite. You can also add some shredded Daiya cheddar cheese to these and they are super yummy!
  2. Applegate chicken and maple sausages
  3. Canyon Bakehouse- Ancient grains bread toasted
    1. Earths Balance- dairy and soy free butter on toast. I cut them in strips so my son can eat them easier.
  4. Fresh organic blackberries, raspberries or blueberries

Hopefully, this will help you get your child’s day started off right. Be confident in what you are giving your kids and know that you are doing the best you can for them! If you ever need help or have questions feel free to comment below and I will get back to you with my best advice!

“Love people and cook them tasty food” – Penzeys Spices

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